Crystal Magic Studio

Crystal Magic Studio

Creative Digital Transformation Solutions

CMAGICS is a digital marketing agency, helping brands and agencies in developing intelligent digital eco-systems. From early set up to effective digital transformation, marketing automation, and continuous growth - we have the talent and experience to enable development every step of the way. Stand out in a highly saturated and ever changing, post-pandemic digital landscape. Get in touch.

Set up

Establish and grow a strategic digital presence

Digital Marketing Strategy | Web Design | Web Development | Multi-Platform Digital Presence | Branding



Reach and convert your target demographics

Google AdWords | Video Advertising | Facebook Advertising | Twitter Advertising | LinkedIn Advertising


Not to name-drop, but...

We've worked with some of the world's leading brands on digital strategies, digital production and digital marketing to optimise their return on investment across a wide range of digital communications.

Digital Agency Services

CMAGICS is a digital service provider in London with over 15 years of experience in growing businesses through intelligent digital marketing. Our combination of world class digital work, competitive pricing, and quick turnarounds makes CMAGICS the right choice for you - whether you are a startup, a medium sized business or a global brand.

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