Intelligent Digital Marketing

CMAGICS is a digital agency in London with over 15 years of experience in growing businesses through intelligent digital marketing.

Quality, Value & Speed

Our combination of world class digital work, competitive pricing, and quick turnarounds makes CMAGICS the right choice - whether you are a startup, a medium sized business or a global brand.


We enable you to set up, advertise, monetise and grow your business online.

Dynamic Design

Our design solutions are compelling, clean, bespoke and practical - inspired by your target demographics.


Our online interfaces beautifully adapt to any device, operating system or browser - regardless of the phone, tablet or computer screen size.

Powerful, Reliable & Secure

Our backend, databases and hosting solutions are powerful, reliable and secure. The systems we build are standardised, easy to scale and help you minimise costs.

Certified Search & Display Advertising Expert

CMAGICS is part of Google Partners with 6 certifications in Google AdWords. Our knowledge and experience of Google eco-systems enable our clients to establish prominent visibility across Google - in both paid and organic spaces.

Social Media Specialist

Social Media is at the core of our digital marketing services. With a track record in setting up and establishing the most engaged social media communities, we’re well equipped to help you lead the way in social media.

Your Digital Team

With a series of our own established online platforms, we know how to set up new brands, attract the right consumers, make them profitable and secure repeat business for them.

Welcome to CMAGICS; your digital marketing team.

Cross-Platform Digital Engagement