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Google Partners Certified Member, CMAGICS, Crystal Magic Studio

Part of Google Partners.

CMAGICS is part of Google Partners with 6 certifications in Google AdWords. Our knowledge and experience of Google eco-systems enable our clients to establish prominent visibility across Google - in both paid and organic spaces.

CMAGICS announced as official Google Partner in London

Google Partners is a network of agencies worldwide who have studied and qualified in Google AdWords setup, management and optimisation. Certified partner agencies continually meet Google’s standards of delivering optimal results for their clients.

Crystal Magic Studio is a certified Google AdWords company in London.


As a member of Google Partners, we can ensure:

  1. Your ad budget goes further as we continually test and improve your campaign inline with the latest Google recommendations. Your certified and experienced account manager will set up a well targeted campaign to reach your core demographics so your business benefits from the visible impact of the campaign.
  2. You receive priority support, strategy advice and snapshot reports from us when you need them. We are in direct contact with Google about each one of our client campaigns helping clients get the most out of their campaigns.
  3. You receive transparency in our fee structure so you know exactly how much of your budget is going towards fees and how much goes to Google ad spend. This transparency helps you upscale/downscale campaigns as your business grows.

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