Online Advertising and Digital Marketing Campaigns and online advertising for Retail Brand Calligaris


Premium Italian furniture brand established since 1923.

Created an SEO and SEM strategy for luxury Italian furniture brand, Calligaris in the UK. Managed an online advertising campaign via Google Adwords driving brand awareness, in-store footfall, and sales.

12 Million Potential Furniture Buyers

saw Calligaris brand messaging on related websites as well as in Google Sponsored ads section, while actively in search of furniture

  • Generated more than 60,000 clicks via the Google search and display network
  • The activity resulted in a substantial sales increase in the first month of the campaign going live
  • Successfully demonstrated the success of Google online advertising features such as location and call extensions
  • Increased traffic to the Calligaris UK website by more than 1,752%
  • Success of the campaign encouraged the brand to re-launch a similar campaign but this time based on Google's Geo-Targeting ads, driving only active buyers nearby into its London stores